Monday, January 24, 2011


I read a crap-load of books last year. Don't believe me? I... well, I don't really care. You're not a real person anyway.

Seriously, though.
I'm about half way through the world of Discworld, further if you count the ones I read before I went back to the beginning.
I read some of 2010's more popular offerings... Hunger Games, Dragon Tattoo, etc.
Read a bunch of quick Independent Reader books, some YA, a million kid's books to Will.
Also read some classics I'd always meant to read - Swiss Family Robinson was great and I feel like I could plop down on some island somewhere and start my own civilization. Also enjoyed Treasure Island in all its piratey glory.
Just for example.

Basically, I read, and I read a lot. At least a (real, adult) book a week but really very much more than that. It was enjoyable. I should have kept better track, although I don't feel any worse off for having NOT kept track, just like every other year of my life.